Consumer Credit Insurance (CCI)
Your loan is probably one of the largest financial commitments you will ever make. So, it is important to ask yourself who will pay off your loan in the unfortuate event of your death.
Loan Repayment Insurance is a way to ensure your dependants are free from inheriting a debt. The insurance is simple, easy to arrange and will give peace of mind at an affordable cost.
Depending on the benefits chosen, this policy is designed to:
Pay some of the monthly finance contract instalments while the Insured Member is prevented from working because of sickness or injury;
Pay some of the monthly finance contract instalments if the Insured Member becomes Involuntarily Unemployed;
Pay the balance owing if the Insured Member dies;
Some of the Consumer Credit Insurance products we can provide are:
SafetyNet Mortgage Protection Insurance
Lease Protection
Loan Repayment Insurance